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Eligibility as a project-based employee will depend on your employment status (full-time or variable hour) set by your employer. 

Full-time employees

An employee hired with no intention of having periods of unemployment, seasonality or variability in employment, and expected to work a consistent 30 hours or more per week. Full-time employees will be eligible for benefits the first of the month, following 60 days of service.

Variable hour employees**

An employee without a predetermined work average of at least 30 hours per week because the employee’s hours are variable.

**ACA Lookback Period: Variable-hour employees who average a 30-hour work week for a 12-month period will be eligible for benefits the first of the month following the date that the lookback period criteria have been met.

1099, loan out, and union employees are not eligible for benefits.

Employees who meet their eligibility period will receive an enrollment email from our benefits systems administrator, BenefitPlan Manager (BPM), with instructions on how to make your benefits elections. If you have not received your email, you can go to the BenefitPlan Manager website here:

Use the following information to log in and begin benefits enrollment:

Group Name: {Company or project name}

Username: {Employee's first name}

Password: {Employee’s social security number without dashes}

Once you have logged in, please review and make any changes to your personal information and/or add your dependents' information (if applicable). 

Here are some important things to remember:

  • Use the "Instructions" button for additional information about enrolling in benefits.
  • Click the "New Enrollment Manager" button when you are ready to make your benefit selections.
  • Complete the entire enrollment, including waivers, before you close your browser, or none of your benefit elections will register.
  • Be sure to review your New Hire HIPAA and COBRA forms. These are stored for you behind the "Compliance Notices" button once your benefit elections have been accepted.

Medical: Medical ID cards will be sent to your home address on file, 5-7 business days after your effective date. 

Dental/Vision: Physical copies of your dental and vision ID cards will not be mailed. To obtain a digital copy of your dental and vision card, please register at MetOnline: 

Common access:

Organization name: Greenslate LLC

If you have questions, please contact NFP Benefits Concierge Services at 1-877-835-1361.

If you experience a change-of-life event (COLE), you must notify your employer within 30 days of the change, and provide supporting documentation to substantiate the benefit change. If you do not make contact within 30 days, you will have the opportunity to make changes during the next annual open enrollment period.


To request a COLE:

  1. Log in to
    Group Name: {GroupName} (this can be found in your GreenSlate Benefits Guide)
    Username: {Employee’s first name}
    Password: {Employee’s social security number without dashes}

  2. Select the “Start Change of Life Event” button on the About Me page.
  3. Select your event.
  4. Complete the change-of life-event form. Once complete, select “Submit & Continue.”
  5. Complete your enrollment by adding any demographic information or dependents and selecting the applicable plans. Once complete, select “I'm Finished.”

Employees moving from one project to another within the same parent company will not have to meet another eligibility period. Their benefits will remain active under the new project. 

Employees hired under a new parent company that participates in the GreenSlate Benefits program will need to meet a new eligibility period with that company.

Your Cigna medical, dental, and/or vision insurance will end on the last day of the month in which you stopped working. A notice will be sent to you to continue your coverage under COBRA. Additional rates and fees may apply. The loss of benefits due to a layoff or termination is a change-of-life event that will qualify you for a special enrollment with your state and ACA marketplace exchanges.

Need additional information?

Email GreenSlate Benefits Services at

Need additional information?

Email GreenSlate Benefits Services at

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