Enterprise client integrations
Our platform is flexible and expandable, allowing you to connect systems across your organization. Customize your workflows, automate processes, enhance your reporting capabilities, cut down on human errors, eliminate manual data transfers, and save time with our API or SFTP solutions.


GreenSlate integrates with: 






















Custom solutions tailored to your exact specifications

We build the industry’s most sophisticated payroll and accounting data feeds for studios, production companies, and businesses of all sizes. Our data transfers allow teams that work across multiple systems to:

  • Manage employee onboarding, time and attendance
  • Monitor and facilitate any accounting transactions
  • Access financial data and generate custom reports

To learn more, or to set up an appointment with one of our consultants, email sales@gslate.com.


Become a GreenSlate API Partner 

Make your software more robust, feature-rich, and streamlined by integrating it with the industry’s leading production office solution. Email info@gslate.com with partnership inquiries.


Power your enterprise with the only all-in-one app
for production finance

Digital Payroll Timecard

Compliance & Training

The GreenSlate training module makes online training quick and convenient. It’s perfect for any specific requirements you need your crew to adhere to, and you can build training into your onboarding process for a seamless experience.

Payroll & Accounting

Payroll & Accounting

GreenSlate simplifies all your production payroll and accounting management. Streamline your workflow, eliminate paper, improve data accuracy, and save your crew and production office hours of work.

Production Dashboard

Production Dashboard

Built to enable more informed decisions, our Production Dashboard helps you manage your slate of projects with high-level insights into each production’s progress and financial health from one consolidated view.